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AUDIO: Tarkanians Blame LDS Church Members for Tarkanian Loss in 2016, Warn Voters About Witches Casting Spells

In a bizarre radio interview, Danny and Amy Tarkanian discussed Danny’s campaign and the forces arrayed against Republicans in the upcoming election. Amy Tarkanian explained that she believes that members of the Church of Latter Day Saints stayed home in the 2016 election, which led to Danny’s loss to Jacky Rosen in the Third Congressional District.

“Amy Tarkanian: [00:04:03] And let let me actually take that, take us back to 2016 if many of you recall that we had the top of our ticket on the Republican side, unfortunately, denounce our candidate– then Trump, before he was actually president. And you had Mitt Romney who many look up to in the Latter-Day Saint community and a lot of them stayed home. And unfortunately the president now, he lost Nevada by 2 percent and Danny lost CD3 by one.

Both Danny and Amy Tarkanian administered a viciously racist Facebook page that regularly targets the Church of Latter Day Saints and other religious and racial minorities. Amy Tarkanian also explained in the interview that she is concerned about spells being cast against Donald Trump.

“Amy Tarkanian: [00:10:20] Well you kind of sarcastically say that God was whispering in their ear to kill us. You know it’s also been reported that since the left’s tactics haven’t been working fully now we have witches out there casting spells on a regular basis. You look at me funny but I’ve seen it. They’re casting spells supposedly at Justice Kavanaugh and our president.

Danny also laid out his plans for his agenda in Congress: “I’m going to be a reliable vote for president Trump.”

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Michael Soneff released the following statement:

“The hateful and divisive rhetoric from the Tarkanian campaign knows no bounds–the Tarkanians have moved on from blaming African Americans for Danny’s previous election loss to blaming members of the Church of Latter Day Saints. Their increasingly bizarre behavior and outrageous claims should concern voters who want a representative who shares Nevada’s values. Susie Lee will be a fighter for all Nevadans, regardless of their race, religion, identity, or orientation.”

Background on Danny Tarkanian’s Scandals: