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5 Lies We’re Willing To Bet Dishonest Dean Is Going To Tell During The #NVDebate

Throughout the campaign, Sen. Dean Heller has made it clear he would rather spew desperate lies than face Nevada families running on his own record.

Here are five issues we’re willing to bet that Heller will lie about tonight:

  1. Heller will say he wants to protect pre-existing conditions and ignore his record of opposing, attacking, and failing to stand up for those protections. Heller’s attacks on pre-existing conditions protections go back to 2011 and have continued as recently as last week, when Heller was a deciding vote to continue expanding junk health insurance plans that do not include pre-existing conditions protections. But you won’t hear that from Heller.

  2. Heller will ignore his history of completely flip-flopping on immigration. Heller may claim he supports comprehensive immigration reform and that he wants to find a solution on DACA, but the reality is Heller voted against two bipartisan immigration reform proposals *this year* that would have secured our borders and provided a path to citizenship for Dreamers. He’s also refused to support the bipartisan Dream Act. What Heller won’t admit is that he will not support any immigration legislation until he gets a permission slip from President Trump.

  3. Heller will forget that he said his tax scam would pay for itself, and pretend Republicans aren’t plotting to cut Social Security and Medicare to pay for it. Now, realizing the tax bill is politically toxic, Heller will be forced to lie through his teeth and deny that his reckless bill adds nearly $2 trillion to the debt while Wall Street banks and big pharmaceutical companies pocket record profits.

  4. Heller will call Rosen super-partisan to distract from the fact he voted with Trump 96% of the time last year. Heller is a GOP rubber stamp, while Rosen is among the top 10 percent of House members who vote across party lines, and she has broken with Democratic leadership on more than 100 votes during the 115th Congress.

  5. Heller will completely ignore Rosen’s accomplishments in her first term in Congress and pretend she has done “nothing.” Expect Heller to repeat the kinds of obvious lies that can be easily debunked in about five seconds of research on Congress.gov.