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#TBT: Dean Heller Campaign Attacks Danny Tarkanian for Malpractice & Destroying Small Business

Less than one year ago, the Dean Heller campaign released a summary of the damning details in a malpractice lawsuit against Danny Tarkanian for work he did as an attorney.

From Dean Heller’s website, DannyTarkanianNews.com:

“In what can be described as a rare and extreme measure by the courts, professional politician Danny Tarkanian has been successfully sued for legal malpractice after applying for and obtaining the wrong permits for a client in the wrong jurisdiction, costing the client their business and their investment. The client spent nearly $240,000 setting up a business that had to be closed shortly after it opened. When Tarkanian discovered he’d made the error that would cost his client their business, he decided to hide it while continuing to charge his client for other legal work. His incompetence cost the client their livelihood. Tarkanian was forced to pay his former client $35,000 for his malpractice. When confronted with the story, Tarkanian, called the issue a ‘nuisance.’ His professional failure cost a Nevadan his business and livelihood and Tarkanian considers the transgression a personal nuisance to him.”

A copy of the malpractice lawsuit against Tarkanian can be found here.

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Michael Soneff released the following statement:

“Danny Tarkanian has scammed and cheated everyone he has ever worked with–from business partners and clients to a children’s charity and the federal government. In this case, Danny’s shoddy work, followed by his dishonesty, led to the destruction of a small business and disaster for his client. On November 6, voters will once again find Danny Tarkanian to be an unrepentant scam artist unfit for public office.”


Background on Danny Tarkanian’s Scandals:

  • Danny received a $16 million bailout from the FDIC for a failed “equestrian destination resort” in California.
  • Danny funneled $40,000 from a children’s basketball charity into one of his political campaigns.
  • Danny’s real estate businesses racked up significant penalties from the IRS, including $23,000 in back taxes, interest, penalties, and fees.