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NV Dems Launch DishonestDean.com to Set The Record Straight in Senate Race

The Nevada State Democratic Party today launched DishonestDean.com, a new website and social media campaign focused on holding Sen. Dean Heller accountable for the lies he’s been telling about himself, the promises he’s broken, and the false smears he’s been spewing about Congresswoman Jacky Rosen because he can’t defend his own record. Rosen and Heller are set to debate later this week, where Heller can be expected to lie and try to mislead voters throughout.

Time and time again, Heller has proven to Nevadans that he can’t be trusted to tell the truth because he’s only looking out for himself and is too spineless to put Nevada families ahead of his special interest friends in Washington. DishonestDean.com will set the record straight, backed up with links to independent fact checkers, news reporting, votes, and legislation. The NV Dems will continue to add to DishonestDean.com so voters can have the facts and educate their friends and neighbors ahead of the November election.

The Heller campaign has been grasping at straws for months, and their attacks against Jacky have become increasingly desperate and delusional. Groups linked to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell are also spending tens of millions of dollars to flood Nevada with deceptive and misleading ads spreading baseless attacks against Jacky Rosen—because McConnell knows Heller’s re-election to the Senate would give him another loyal rubber stamp for his agenda for the next six years.

Check out @DishonestDean on Twitter here.

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Sarah Abel released the following statement:

“From trying to cover up his broken health care promises to launching blatantly false attacks on his opponent, Dean Heller has run a pathetic campaign showing that he will try to do or say anything to save his seat. The Heller campaign and their Washington Republican Super PAC allies are only going to get more desperate and deceiving with these lies in the coming weeks, but Nevada voters deserve the truth about their Senate candidates. When voters are equipped with the facts about both candidates, they will support Jacky Rosen and have plenty of reasons to kick Dean Heller out of office.”