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Will Senator Spineless Dean Heller Finally Stand Up to Trump and Vote to Stop Republican Health Care Sabotage Efforts That Hurt Nevadans?

For months, Nevadans have been wondering whether or not Sen. Dean Heller will finally stand up to President Trump as the Trump Administration works to further sabotage health care by allowing insurance companies to sell junk insurance plans that will raise health care costs and put Nevadans with pre-existing conditions at risk of discrimination. After months of silence from Heller, they are about to get their answer. Today, the Senate will vote to overturn the Trump Administration’s decision to expand junk insurance plans, putting Heller between a rock and a hard place. Will he grow a spine stand up for Nevadans, or will continue to be Trump’s most reliable rubber stamp?

Junk insurance plans can exclude coverage for pre-existing conditions and do not have to cover essential health benefits such as maternity care, prescription drugs, mental health care, substance abuse treatment, and preventive care—just to a name a few.

Nevada Democratic State Party spokesperson Sarah Abel released the following statement:

“Nevadans shouldn’t hold their breath today because we all know Dean Heller is going to vote with President Trump at the expense of our health care. Senator Spineless has let Nevadans with pre-existing conditions down over and over again and voted to keep Republican leaders happy instead. Heller’s vote to protect Trump’s junk insurance plans will serve as yet another reminder before the election that he is playing dangerous partisan games with their health care.”