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One Year Ago: Sandoval Said Laxalt’s Education Plan Would “Irreversibly and Permanently Harm” Children

One year ago today, Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval came out strongly against a proposal by his fellow Republican, gubernatorial hopeful Adam Laxalt, to repeal over $300 million biannually in public school funding. The education investment is funded by the commerce tax, levied on multi-million dollar corporations, and is a bipartisan cornerstone of Sandoval’s legacy.

Here are a few choice words Sandoval had for Laxalt’s plan to cut school funding:

  • Laxalt’s proposal would “irreversibly and permanently harm” children, public schools, and businesses.
  • Laxalt’s repeal would wipe out a “generational investment” in Nevada’s children.
  • “Anyone supporting a repeal of the Commerce Tax must explain to Nevada’s children, families and businesses which education initiatives will be cut if it is eliminated. Will they cut gifted and talented programs, end all-day kindergarten, eliminate special education resources, decrease literacy programs that help students read by third grade, cut autism funding, stop career and technical education, and get rid of technology in schools grants? Any discussion of eliminating this revenue source must include answers about where in the budget they will cut.”

Laxalt’s unexplained opposition to Sandoval’s school funding mechanism has driven a wedge even further between the two Republicans, who were already deeply divided on a number of issues. Sandoval has said many times, in no uncertain terms, that he would not endorse any candidate to succeed him who’d undo his education investment. In August, Sandoval came out and refused to make an endorsement in the race to replace him, and last month, said he was “undecided” on whether to even vote for Laxalt.

Nevada State Democratic Party spokeswoman Helen Kalla released the following statement:

“For Adam Laxalt’s entire campaign, he’s been forced to defend his indefensible position on cutting hundreds of millions of dollars from Nevada’s struggling public schools. Gov. Sandoval knows Laxalt’s education plan is wrong for Nevada’s children, school system, and economic future, which is why he can’t even commit to voting for his fellow Republican. Nevadans can see what Sandoval sees — Laxalt would drag Nevada backwards and cause irreparable harm to a generation of Nevada students.”