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Statement from Nevada’s DNC Members on Laxalt’s Arrest for Assault of Police Officer

Today, Nevada’s DNC members, NV Dems Chairman William McCurdy II, National Committeewoman Regent Allison Stephens, and National Committeeman Alex Goff, released the following joint statement on the double standard benefitting Adam Laxalt after the Reno Gazette-Journal reported he was arrested for assaulting a police officer.

“In the final month before the general election, the GOP double standard could not be more blatant. While the GOP has attacked others for decades old missteps, they have openly ignored allegations of sexual assault nationally, and locally, they have minimized a report of Adam Laxalt’s arrest for assaulting a law enforcement officer. Laxalt’s criminal record, characterized by violence and endangering others, did not derail his privileged path to a prestigious law school and successful run for statewide office.  However, minor nonviolent missteps as a teen are blown out of proportion when it involves a person of color. We call this dog whistle politics, and Nevadans deserve better.

“Let’s be perfectly clear: Laxalt was fortunate enough to have the family resources and connections to obtain treatment for his problems with alcohol and forgiveness so that he could live his life without further consequence. However, the GOP appears to only extend this opportunity to people who look like them. The opportunity to turn your life around after making mistakes should not depend on your family wealth or connections.

“Adam Laxalt’s experience is a perfect example of the inequality between those who come from privilege and those who don’t. After getting arrested for a DUI and assaulting a police officer, Laxalt gets a clean slate and skates through life uninhibited by his criminal record. Meanwhile, others in our community receive far more severe consequences for minor missteps, including deportation simply for driving with a broken tail light, or weeks in jail due to the inability to pay a bill.  

“If the GOP is interested in assessing a candidate’s fitness for office, why haven’t they requested a copy of Laxalt’s state bar application ito find out if Laxalt disclosed this arrest? Why hasn’t the GOP asked that the 36 pages of Laxalt’s record be made public? Their double standard reveals what has become increasingly disturbing about this and future campaign cycles. Nevadans deserve better.”