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NV Dems File Elections Complaint with the Secretary of State…Against Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske

The Nevada State Democratic Party announced today that it has filed an elections complaint with the Secretary of State’s Election Integrity Task Force against Republican Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske for violating election law. In a television ad running throughout the month of September, Cegavske failed to include the legally-required disclosure detailing who paid for and authorized the advertisement.

Nevada State Democratic Party Executive Director Alana Mounce released the following statement:

“One of the most important jobs of the secretary of state is monitoring elections and enforcing election laws. If Barbara Cegavske can’t even bother to follow the law for her own campaign, then she has no business running the Secretary of State’s office. By blatantly violating the exact campaign laws which she is responsible for overseeing, Cegavske is sending a clear message to Nevadans that she doesn’t take her job seriously and views herself as above the law. Time and again Cegavske has proven to Nevada voters that she does not deserve to lead such a critically important office, and they will hold her accountable in November.”