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Louisiana Congressman Who Spoke at White Supremacist Rally Helps Raise Money for Hardy and Tarkanian

Last night, congressional candidates Cresent Hardy and Danny Tarkanian held separate fundraisers with Louisiana Congressman Steve Scalise. Scalise has admitted to speaking to a rally of neo-nazis and white supremacists. Scalise was invited to speak by the “European-American Unity and Rights Organization,” a group founded by former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke. Duke has praised Steve Scalise, calling him a “nice guy.”

Cresent Hardy (NV-04) has a long history of racist and insensitive statements:

  • Hardy has referred to a part of the district he hopes to represent as “the darker side of town,” apparently referring to the density of African American constituents who live there.
  • Again referring to the district he is now running in, Hardy said: “I didn’t think it was a winnable race…because I thought it was a minority district.”
  • In 2014 Hardy also promoted a vile racist stereotype, saying: “If somebody pulls up in a welfare district in a big fancy Escalade, do you think they need welfare at that time?”
  • After Cliven Bundy said that Black Americans were “better off as slaves”, the Review Journal reported Hardy’s views: “Hardy doesn’t believe Bundy intended to offend blacks.”  


Danny Tarkanian (NV-03) also has a record of offensive comments and actions:

  • Danny has recently faced scrutiny for running a racist facebook page that was used to promote his campaigns.
  • Danny said about African Americans who vote for Democrats that “they have a choice of belonging just to the Democrat Party and being enslaved under those principles.”
  • Danny attacked Steven Horsford, who went on to be the first African American Member of Congress from Nevada, saying: “We could be like Steven Horsford […] and, you know, pretend we’re black and maybe try to get some votes if that’s where it is. You know, it’s that extent that they’ve gone to.”
  • Danny faces allegations that he purchased an endorsement from Sebastian Gorka, who is a member of a prominent Hungarian Nazi-aligned group. Danny even defended Gorka’s affiliation with the group.
  • Danny proudly touts his endorsement and continuing support from radio shock jock Wayne Allyn Root, who said that “There’s no difference in when you call someone ‘old’ versus when you call someone the N-word,” among many other offensive comments.


Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Michael Soneff released the following statement:


“Cresent Hardy and Danny Tarkanian aren’t subtle about their views on race–both have made it clear that they are very comfortable taking support from people with deeply racist views. It shouldn’t come as a shock that they are eager to raise money from wealthy special interests by cozying up to someone like Scalise. Hardy and Tarkanian are badly out-of-step with the views and values of Nevada voters.”