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Danny Tarkanian: “I Don’t Want to Speak to Hispanics in Politics”

Today Hispanics in Politics, the oldest Hispanic political organization in Nevada, held a monthly breakfast for Nevada political candidates and Hispanic community leaders. Susie Lee was the only 3rd Congressional District candidate to attend. Hispanics in Politics is a non-partisan organization that advocates for Hispanic American participation in politics. The President of Hispanics in Politics, Fernando Romero (a registered Republican), told the crowd that: “I had invited Danny Tarkanian to our meeting. Danny told me – and I have to give this emphasis, that at least I admire him for his brashness – that he looked me right in the face and said ‘I don’t want to speak to Hispanics in Politics.’”

News of Danny Tarkanian’s refusal to attend a Hispanics in Politics meeting comes after he explained that he views DACA recipients as a valuable “negotiation tool” to extract political concessions, and after he served as an administrator of a viciously racist Facebook page. Susie Lee, on the other hand, took the opportunity to address Hispanics in Politics, discussing comprehensive immigration reform, education policy, DACA and the future of Dreamers, and creating economic opportunity for the Hispanic community in Nevada.

Danny Tarkanian denied that he has refused to speak to Hispanics in Politics, but Amy Tarkanian confirmed his refusal, saying on Twitter that Danny “simply told Fernando NO.”

Hispanics in Politics has hosted numerous forums for candidates over many years, and many Republican candidates and elected officials have spoken to the group, including: Dean Heller, Victoria Seaman, Scott Hammond, Bob Beers, Joe Heck, Stavros Anthony, Tisha Black, and Cresent Hardy, among many others.

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Renzo Olivari released the following statement:

“Danny Tarkanian isn’t interested in speaking to Hispanics in Politics because he’s not interested in representing the views and values of the Hispanic community in Nevada. Danny has admitted that he views DACA recipients as a ‘negotiation tool’ in the immigration debate. Danny helped run a Facebook page that is horribly racist towards our community. Danny has advocated for separating families and has shown no interest in a constructive discussion on comprehensive immigration reform. The Hispanic community in Nevada, and all Nevadans, deserve better than Danny Tarkanian in Congress.”