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Heller’s Troubling Pattern of Waiting to Follow Trump’s Lead

From Kavanaugh and Pruitt to family separation policy, Nevadans have seen that they can’t count on Heller to do what’s right until he gets a permission slip from Trump’s White House

Following the announcement that the Senate would delay the vote on accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh while the Trump White House asked the FBI to investigate for one week, Sen. Dean Heller finally decided to break his silence about the FBI investigation – to praise the Trump Administration’s decision and say he will support Kavanaugh despite the mounting allegations of sexual assault. Even when Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval called for a more thorough investigation of Kavanaugh, Heller remained silent.

Heller’s spineless statement came after President Trump had already ordered the FBI investigation… following a consistent pattern during controversial moments:

  • Earlier this year, Heller refused to support calls for Scott Pruitt to resign as EPA Administrator, even as ethical concerns piled up. But after Trump had finally booted Pruitt, Senator Spineless spoke up to say he agreed with the move. Courage!
  • As controversy swirled around Trump’s cruel family separations at the border this summer, Senator Heller waited weeks to criticize the policy. It wasn’t until after President Trump called his own policy “horrible” that Senator Spineless decided to criticize it.

Nevada Democratic State Party spokesperson Renzo Olivari made the following statement:

“Dean Heller has created a consistent pattern of silently waiting for Donald Trump to take action on controversial issues and then praising the President after the fact. Instead of doing his job being an independent advocate for Nevadans in the Senate, Dean Heller is just a loyal foot soldier who is too spineless to criticize or stand up to the Administration. From this Supreme Court vacancy to Scott Pruitt’s corrupt tenure at EPA to Trump’s heartless family separation policy, Nevadans have seen that they can’t count on Dean Heller–unless he gets a permission slip from Trump’s White House.”