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Lee Dunks on Tark in Second Half

In the second installment of the NV-03 debate, Susie Lee finished what she started with Danny Tarkanian.


Today the second half of the Congressional District 3 debate between Susie Lee and Danny Tarkanian aired on CBS Channel 8. In questions on health care, Yucca mountain, water resources, and the budget, Susie Lee connected with voters while Danny Tarkanian flip-flopped on core campaign issues and doubled down on his plans to repeal the Affordable Care Act and bring the nation’s nuclear waste to Nevada.


Key Moments:

  • Danny contradicted his previous statement from a few weeks ago that he opposes protection for people with pre-existing conditions. In today’s debate, Danny said he wants to repeal those protections in the ACA, and potentially enact some new ones later. Susie Lee expressed her support for preserving the ACA.
  • Danny doubled down on his plan to bring the nation’s nuclear waste to Nevada, explaining that he’s worried that it could cause a disaster in California. Susie Lee is, and has always been, opposed to bringing nuclear waste to Nevada.
  • Danny explained that Nevadans shouldn’t worry about bringing “high-level” nuclear waste to Nevada, because “low level nuclear spent fuel will cause the same catastrophe as high level.”
  • Susie Lee charged that Danny will be a “solid vote” for Donald Trump, citing his previous statement. Danny denied that he had ever said it, claiming: “I have never said that I was a reliable vote for Donald Trump.” Here’s the video of Danny saying he’ll be a solid vote for Trump.
  • Susie Lee pointed voters to TarkanianTruth.com to see the facts on Danny’s many scandals and scams.


Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Michael Soneff released the following statement:


“Susie Lee once again displayed a deep understanding of the key issues facing Nevada families and the country. Danny Tarkanian, after 14 years of running for office and countless scandals, again displayed his contempt for the truth and his wildly out-of-touch views. Danny proffered demonstrably false statements in every single answer he gave. In two bouts of debate, Susie Lee scored two knockouts.”