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With Heller’s Approval, Senate Republicans Rush Forward on Kavanaugh’s Confirmation

Not even a week and a half after Sen. Dean Heller referred to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations of assault against President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee as “a little hiccup,” the Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee treated the allegations like a hiccup and voted to ram through Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination. This came less than 24 hours after Dr. Ford testified in front of the Committee on her allegations.

Last night, the nonpartisan American Bar Association called on the Senate Judiciary Committee to halt the Kavanaugh proceedings until after the FBI completes a probe of the sexual assault allegations, effectively agreeing with Democratic concerns about the GOP’s confirmation process.

Earlier this month, Heller bet $100 that Kavanaugh would be confirmed by the end of the month, and he’s said he has “no reservations” about confirming Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Heller released a mealy-mouthed statement after yesterday’s hearing that made clear he does not believe Dr. Ford and will side with Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump to dismiss this “hiccup” in Kavanaugh’s confirmation process.

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Sarah Abel released the following statement after the Senate Judiciary Committee voted to approve Kavanaugh’s nomination:

“What Dr. Ford did was courageous, her testimony was compelling, and she continued to prove that her allegations of sexual assault are credible. Instead of having the FBI fully investigate the allegations against Brett Kavanaugh, Senate Republicans are determined to jam this confirmation through—and by doing this they are sending a clear message to every woman and every survivor in this country. If Dean Heller continues to be complicit in this sham process and votes to confirm Brett Kavanaugh, Nevadans will have one more reason to ensure this spineless politician loses his seat in November.”