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NV Dems Chair Calls on Laxalt to Release Records After Report He Assaulted Police Officer

Today, the Reno Gazette-Journal published an explosive story detailing Republican gubernatorial candidate Adam Laxalt’s previously unknown arrest for allegedly assaulting a police officer. NV Dems Chairman William McCurdy II is calling on the current attorney general to release his Nevada bar application and full criminal record to show whether or not he disclosed his arrest on his bar application and what other criminal history he may be hiding.

“These revelations about Adam Laxalt’s criminal history are incredibly concerning, and even more concerning is the fact that Laxalt has failed to come clean about his record until just now,” said Nevada State Democratic Party Chairman William McCurdy II. “That’s why we’re demanding Laxalt release his bar application and full criminal record so Nevadans can see what else he may be hiding. Nevada voters deserve to know what else Laxalt may be keeping from them — and whether he can be trusted today.”

In addition to the documents relating to Laxalt’s arrest for allegedly assaulting a police officer, Laxalt’s home city of Alexandria, Virginia has in its custody 36 additional pages in Laxalt’s file that it declined to release to the Reno Gazette-Journal. The RGJ notes that the Nevada State Bar application requires applicants disclose “any past criminal arrests, indictments, convictions and citations.” Laxalt has also still not answered whether or not his license was suspended or whether he faced any other serious consequences for the eight traffic tickets he received, including one that carried a $140 fine that he failed to pay for 15 years and a court appearance for which he failed to show.

The Republican Attorney Generals Association, of which Laxalt is a member, spent at least $3 million supporting Laxalt’s 2014 attorney general bid despite his public acknowledgement of a DUI arrest, but has hypocritically funded ads slamming Democratic attorney general candidate Aaron Ford this year for arrests that occurred while he was a college student.

The RGJ notes that Laxalt has campaigned on being “tough on crime,” but has faced criticism for touting the endorsement of, and failing to bring charges against, Storey County Sheriff Gerald Antinoro. Antinoro faced a recall in 2016 on the basis of multiple allegations of sexual assault and harassment, is currently being sued in federal court for sexual harassment, and is under investigation by California local law enforcement for his involvement in an alleged gang rape.