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Audio: Tarkanian Advocates for Cutting Social Security & Medicare, Bringing Nuclear Waste to Yucca

Today KNPR released an interview with 3rd District Republican nominee and perennial candidate Danny Tarkanian, in which Danny advocates for cutting Social Security and Medicare for seniors and bringing the nation’s nuclear waste to Nevada. The full audio of the interview can be found here.

Danny Tarkanian KNPR Interview Highlights

  • Danny argued for cutting Social Security and Medicare for millions of seniors by raising the retirement age by as much as 20 years. He wants to “raise that eligibility age for Social Security and Medicare, and then you’re going to save a lot of money. And it’s not unfair because people are living longer.” [KNPR Interview, 9:45]
  • Danny advocated for bringing the nation’s nuclear waste to Nevada, saying that, “we should work with the federal government and use Yucca mountain as a recycling facility for nuclear spent fuel.” [KNPR Interview, 23:50]
  • Danny flip-flopped on background checks for gun purchases and on banning bump stocks. In 2010, Danny said in an NRA questionnaire that he opposes background checks for any private gun sales or for gun sales at gun shows. Danny also said that he “opposes further regulation.” In the KNPR interview, Danny claims to support background checks.


Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Michael Soneff released the following statement:

“Danny Tarkanian is trying to con the voters, just like he’s conned everyone who has ever made the mistake of trusting him–from contractors and business partners to the federal government and his own charity. In one sentence he pledges to protect Social Security while also promising to cut Social Security for millions of seniors. The double-talk from Danny only goes so far when his record speaks for itself; Danny supports bringing nuclear waste to Nevada, supports cutting Social Security and Medicare, and opposes common sense gun safety legislation. Danny is out-of-step with Nevada families who want a representative that they can trust instead of another failed politician.”