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New NV Dems Digital Videos: Laxalt Would Be a “Trainwreck” for Nevada

The NV Dems have released three digital videos showing how Republican gubernatorial candidate Adam Laxalt would be a “trainwreck” for Nevada. The three videos, “Corruption,” “Devastate,” and “Choice,” will run as digital advertisements on Facebook. The videos draw from a performance review Laxalt received from his previous employer, private law firm Lewis & Roca, in which Laxalt was called a “trainwreck,” who “doesn’t even have the basic skill set,” “has judgment issues,” and “doesn’t seem to understand what to do.”

The first video, “Corruption,” focuses on allegations of corruption against Laxalt after he was caught on tape attempting to use his position as attorney general to intervene in a lawsuit between his biggest donor, casino mogul Sheldon Adelson, and the Nevada Gaming Control Board. The Nevada Assembly subpoenaed the recording and held a hearing on Laxalt’s actions at which he testified. During the hearing, it was revealed that the Gaming Control Board asked Laxalt to remove himself as their legal counsel on this case due to the obvious conflict of interest that surfaced from the tape.


“Devastate” reminds voters that Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval refused to endorse Laxalt over Laxalt’s commitment to repealing the commerce tax, Sandoval’s key bipartisan education investment that brings in around $300 million every two years for Nevada’s public schools. Sandoval has said that repealing the school funding mechanism would be “devastating” for Nevada, and that he couldn’t endorse a candidate who would “devastate the state.”


“Choice” spotlights Laxalt’s anti-choice views and the many actions he’s taken as attorney general to curb reproductive freedom around the country. Laxalt has signed onto multiple amicus briefs in support of laws restricting access to abortion in other states, despite the fact that Nevadans overwhelmingly approved a ballot measure in 1990 protecting a woman’s right to choose. Laxalt told Reno’s KOLO in June that he would “look into” rolling back that Nevada law.


Nevada State Democratic Party spokeswoman Helen Kalla released the following statement:

“Clearly nothing has changed since Adam Laxalt’s dismal evaluation — he has continued to exhibit the same poor judgment as attorney general. From his pay-to-play scandal involving his biggest donor, to failing to earn the Republican governor’s endorsement, to saying he’d ‘look into’ rolling back Nevada women’s reproductive rights, Laxalt has been a trainwreck as attorney general and would be a trainwreck as governor. Nevadans can’t afford a trainwreck like Laxalt running the state into the ground with his backwards views and unwavering loyalty to his special interest donors.”