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Did Laxalt Get Off Scot-Free for Multiple Traffic Tickets?

Two weeks after The Nevada Independent reported that Republican gubernatorial nominee Adam Laxalt “racked up” eight traffic tickets in ten years, questions still remain on whether Laxalt faced any serious consequences for his many infractions, or if he received special treatment and got off scot-free.

One speeding ticket Laxalt received for driving nearly 30 mph over the speed limit incurred a $140 fine and a court date. Laxalt failed to appear in court and waited 15 years to pay the ticket. According to court documents, Laxalt’s blatant violation appears to have triggered a license suspension.

Other violations could have prompted the charge of driving on a restricted license due to Laxalt’s prior DUI arrest. And yet, Laxalt’s campaign has refused to say whether his license had ever been suspended or revoked.

So where is the outrage?

While Laxalt has yet to answer whether he faced justice for his serial traffic infractions or escaped without consequences, his political allies have used similar minor violations to attack their opponents.

The Republican Governors Association (RGA) has pledged over $3 million to elect Laxalt despite his history of flouting the law, yet has used minor infractions to argue that Democratic gubernatorial candidates are unqualified. This much is clear — the Washington, DC-based RGA is willing to turn a blind eye to their hometown hero, Adam Laxalt, who is hiding the truth behind these multiple violations.