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Heller Campaign Refuses to Answer NPR Questions About Health Care Position, Falsely Claims Latinos Do Not Care About Health Care

NPR published a story this weekend where a top staffer for Sen. Dean Heller’s re-election campaign literally refused to answer questions about Heller’s position on health care, and then falsely claimed that health care is not an important issue for Latino voters. Despite the Heller campaign’s Hispanic outreach director’s awkward dodging and his inability to defend Heller’s policy position, health care actually IS a top issue for the Latino community, which has one of the highest uninsured rates compared to other ethnic groups and has benefited from the Affordable Care Act’s Medicaid expansion and other policies to increase access to affordable coverage.

Nevada Democratic State Party spokesperson Renzo Olivari released the following statement:

“It’s a sign of how incompetent and out of touch Dean Heller is if his campaign can’t even defend his health care position and lies about whether health care access is a concern for Latino voters. It’s deeply troubling that the person in charge of reaching out to the Latino community for Dean Heller’s campaign would deceptively insist that Latinos don’t care about health care policy. Just because the Heller campaign doesn’t want to defend the Senator’s toxic health care record doesn’t mean that the Latino community doesn’t care about these issues.”

NPR: While In Las Vegas, Trump Reaches Out To Latino Voters

GARCIA-NAVARRO: Heller, though, is being attacked by Democrats for his shifting policies on key issues. On health care, he’s voted both for and against portions of Obamacare. With immigration, he has condemned Trump’s family separation policies, but he’s also supported a hard-line immigration bill championed by the president. I asked Garcia about the issue of family separation.


GARCIA-NAVARRO: Well, what about health care? Leaving aside the issue of immigration…

GARCIA: I’m not going to go into health care because I just don’t want to go into that. Policy-wise, I just don’t want to go into that.

GARCIA-NAVARRO: He insisted health care never comes up with Latino voters, even though polling shows it’s a top issue. Latinos have been a big beneficiary of the Medicaid expansion in this state. While Heller’s team may not want to talk about healthcare policy, the Democrats here are running on that issue.