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#TBT: Laxalt, Duncan Sued to Let Corporations Stiff Nevada Workers on Overtime Pay

Two years ago today, Nevada’s Republican attorney general’s office led a lawsuit against the Obama administration to deny a raise to 100,000 Nevadans. Spearheading the effort were Attorney General Adam Laxalt, candidate for governor, and his former deputy Wes Duncan, candidate for attorney general. The Department of Labor’s proposed overtime rule would have made about four million additional American workers eligible for fair overtime compensation.

A recent report from the National Employment Law Project Action Fund shows that Laxalt and Duncan’s lawsuit cost Nevada workers who earned as little as $24,000 — considered below poverty level for a family of four — an estimated $8 million in annual overtime compensation. The report places the blame on Laxalt and Duncan for suing to keep over 100,000 Nevadans from receiving the overtime pay they deserved.

Laxalt and Duncan were aligned with billionaire special interests in opposing the overtime rule. The Koch network, which is spending unprecedented amounts to elect Laxalt, also staunchly opposed the overtime rule. A copy of Laxalt’s lawsuit was found on a secret online bulletin board run by the Republican Attorneys General Association that lets wealthy donors “help shape” the policies of states’ top cops.

Nevada State Democratic Party spokeswoman Helen Kalla released the following statement:

“Thanks to Adam Laxalt and Wes Duncan, over 100,000 working Nevadans are being denied the overtime pay they’ve earned. Instead of standing up for everyday Nevadans, these Republicans stuck their necks out for their ultra-rich donors and corporate special interests — using taxpayer dollars to fund their legal battle in the process. One thing Nevadans can count on from Laxalt and Duncan is that they will always put their donors’ bottom line over helping working families get ahead.”