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Tarkanian Relying on Super PACs to Prop Up His Flailing, Scandal-Tainted Campaign

Today two Washington D.C. Super PACs announced that they are spending a combined $4 million to try and help perennial candidate Danny Tarkanian in his bid for Congress. Tarkanian’s campaign has been plagued by revelations about Danny’s misdeeds, including Danny’s history helping to set up telemarketing scams that stole millions from senior citizens. The Super PACs, America First Action SuperPAC and the Congressional Leadership Fund, are billionaire-funded groups that are focusing their attacks on education advocate and Democratic nominee Susie Lee.

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Michael Soneff released the following statement:

“Danny Tarkanian is relying on spending from national Republicans to keep him from losing his sixth campaign in a row. Danny’s unabashed pandering to special interests on health care, tax giveaways for billionaires, cuts to Social Security, and storage of nuclear waste in Yucca mountain make him the establishment’s ideal candidate. No amount of spending from Super PACs can disguise Danny’s long track record of scandals and scams. Nevadans have seen through Danny in five consecutive elections, and will once again vote for a candidate who represents Nevada values.”

Background on Danny Tarkanian’s Scandals: