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BREAKING: Heller Refers to Credible Allegations of Attempted Rape Against Kavanaugh as a “Hiccup”

Earlier today, during a “VIP” conference call hosted by the Nevada GOP, Sen. Dean Heller referred to the allegations of attempted rape against Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, as a “hiccup.” According to The Nevada Independent:

“I’m really grateful for the White House, for the effort of President Trump and what he has done, and the excitement that we have,” [Heller] said. “We got a little hiccup here with the Kavanaugh nomination, we’ll get through this and we’ll get off to the races,” he said.

Last week, Heller bet $100 that Kavanaugh would be confirmed by the end of the month and has said he had “no reservations” about confirming Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Sarah Abel released the following statement on Heller’s offensive and dismissive remark:

“Since Dr. Ford bravely came forward to share her story, she has been forced to leave her home, has faced death threats, and suffered attacks on her character—and now Sen. Dean Heller is adding to the rhetoric. Credible accusations of rape should be taken seriously, not dismissed and brushed off. Heller needs to apologize to Nevada women, especially the victims of sexual assault, and donate his $100 ‘bet’ to an organization that supports victims of sexual or domestic violence. Until he does, Nevadans should call Dean Heller’s office and let them know how offensive and out-of-touch his comments were.”