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Big Banks Reward Heller for GOP Tax Plan

The Washington, D.C.-based trade association for the banking industry running this ad says everything you need to know about Sen. Dean Heller and the Republican tax bill. Since helping write and pass the tax plan last year, Heller’s big financial donors on Wall Street have rejoiced over the massive permanent tax cuts Heller secured for giant corporations. Just take a look at the headlines:





So, is anyone surprised that a Washington trade association for the banking industry is swooping in to prop up Heller and boost the GOP’s unpopular tax law?

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Sarah Abel released the following statement:

“It should come as no surprise to Nevadans that Dean Heller sold them out with his tax bill to please his campaign donors, and now the banking industry is dumping money into Nevada to say thank you. Senator Heller is desperate to stay in Washington so he can keep looking out for himself and the corporate special interests who fund his campaigns.”