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KOLO: Nevada candidate and pimp Hof, under investigation for sexual assault, says Laxalt privately supports him

HOF: Laxalt has kept distant. His most recent comment was, “I can’t publicly support Dennis,” so that tells me he’s supporting me — he just doesn’t want the Democrats to hang me around his neck.

In an interview yesterday with Reno’s KOLO 8 News Now, Nevada brothel owner and pimp Dennis Hof, the Republican nominee for Assembly District 36, admitted that Republican gubernatorial candidate Adam Laxalt supports his campaign, though he can’t do so publicly because “Democrats [would] hang [Hof] around his neck.”

Hof is the target of a state investigation based on multiple allegations of rape or sexual assault by former employees of his brothel. He has said Pres. Trump’s infamous Access Hollywood tape in which Trump admitted to sexually assaulting women “paved the road” for his own bid for state assembly.

But that hasn’t stopped Laxalt from supporting him. Despite saying in June he wouldn’t support Hof, Laxalt has been silent as Hof has tied himself to Laxalt, running a billboard campaign with Laxalt’s name on it. Laxalt told the Reno Gazette-Journal that he’s “not concerned” about Hof using his name in campaign materials, even though Laxalt went so far as to send a cease-and-desist letter to Hof’s primary opponent, incumbent James Oscarson, for a similar use of his name.

Laxalt’s decision to turn a blind eye to sexual assault allegations against a political ally should come as no surprise. Laxalt touted the endorsement of alleged rapist and admitted sexual harasser Storey County Sheriff Gerald Antinoro, stands by his “enthusiastic” endorsement of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, and remains the only major 2018 Nevada gubernatorial candidate to not denounce fallen casino mogul Steve Wynn’s decades-long sexual abuse.