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With Kavanaugh’s Sexual Assault Allegation, Will Laxalt Continue Pattern of Supporting Accused Sexual Predators?

After the Washington Post published an explosive interview over the weekend detailing a credible sexual assault allegation against Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh, does Republican gubernatorial candidate Adam Laxalt still “enthusiastically support” Kavanaugh?

Laxalt has spent considerable effort painting himself as a protector of women — even going as far as to shamelessly declare that “no one has done more for women from [the attorney general’s office] in the history of the state” than he has. But while Laxalt has paid lip service to the idea of standing up for sexual assault survivors, his record tells an entirely different story.

Laxalt continued to tout the endorsement of and stand by Storey County Sheriff Gerald Antinoro for months despite credible allegations of sexual assault against him and Antinoro’s own admission of sexual harassment under oath. Laxalt accepted Antinoro’s endorsement despite the fact that his shocking record of misconduct had been public knowledge since at least 2016, when citizens successfully petitioned to recall him over his demonstrated pattern of sexual predation and unethical conduct. For weeks, Laxalt refused to answer questions about Antinoro’s endorsement, dismissed criticism as “political theatrics,” and was even scheduled to campaign with Antinoro while his office was investigating him. Laxalt also remains the only major Nevada gubernatorial candidate in 2018 who hasn’t condemned Steve Wynn’s alleged pattern of sexual misconduct.

Nevada State Democratic Party spokeswoman Helen Kalla released the following statement:

“Despite his hollow attempts to cast himself as a champion for women, Adam Laxalt has chosen time and again not to believe women who bring credible allegations against his political allies. Does Laxalt still ‘wholeheartedly support’ Kavanaugh after his accuser bravely came forward to share her story? If Laxalt truly wants Nevada women to believe he is on their side, he will rescind his endorsement of Kavanaugh. Sadly, Nevada women already know that Laxalt chooses what’s politically expedient over standing up for them.”