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Is Hardy Still Backing Embattled SCOTUS Nominee Kavanaugh?

Cresent Hardy has publicly voiced his support for President Trump’s embattled nominee for the Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh, but Hardy has remained silent since serious allegations have emerged against Kavanaugh. Kavanaugh has also refused to clarify his view of Roe v Wade, the landmark ruling which protects a woman’s right to choose. Hardy opposes choice and reproductive health care services for women.

Hardy recently told The Nevada Independent that he’s “against abortion completely,” despite the view of the overwhelming majority of Nevadans who support a woman’s right to choose. When he was in Congress, Hardy voted to limit reproductive health care for women, including rape survivors, he voted for a 20 week abortion ban even when the woman’s life was at risk, and he co-sponsored a so-called “personhood” bill that would effectively outlaw abortion at any stage.

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Michael Soneff released the following statement:

“Every chance he gets, Cresent Hardy stands against women. On freedom of choice, women’s health care, and allegations of sexual assault, Hardy has consistently sided against the women he hopes to represent. Hardy’s out-of-touch views do not reflect Nevada values and have no place in Congress.”