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Heller, Laxalt Silent on Hispanic Heritage Month

Days after Hispanic Heritage Month began, Nevada’s Hispanic community has yet to hear from incumbent Republican Sen. Dean Heller or GOP gubernatorial candidate Adam Laxalt. The Hispanic community accounts for nearly one-third of Nevada’s population, yet Heller and Laxalt’s silence shows they don’t care. Every time President Trump targets the Hispanic community, Heller and Laxalt fail to stand up to him.

In a state with a vibrant Hispanic community, Heller and Laxalt’s silence is a reminder of their terrible record on issues that matter to the Hispanic and immigrant communities. Senator Spineless voted for President Trump’s partisan anti-immigrant bill earlier this year and against other bipartisan plans that would have provided Dreamers permanent relief. This is the same spineless senator who says he’s always supported the U.S.-Mexico border wall, pledged he wouldn’t vote for an immigration plan that his compa Trump didn’t support, declined to stand up directly to Trump on family separations, and refused to support a clean Dream Act. Heller has also caved to the Trump administration’s agenda seeking to dismantle the Affordable Care Act and cast a deciding vote to confirm Betsy DeVos as Education Secretary.

Meanwhile, Attorney General Adam Laxalt continues to ignore the Nevada Hispanic and immigrant community. He literally hid from immigrants in his office who wanted to talk to him about an anti-immigrant Republican lawsuit he joined. Laxalt also ignored a question about the right course of action for Dreamers, and he refused to join other attorneys general standing up for DACA recipients–even as Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval pushed for a solution for DACA. And while other Republicans spoke up about family separations, Laxalt has still refused to blame Trump for his mess and declined to join the lawsuit to reunify families.

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Renzo Olivari released the following statement about Heller and Laxalt’s silence on Hispanic Heritage Month:

“The message is clear that Dean Heller and Adam Laxalt don’t care about Nevada’s Hispanic community, and their silence on Hispanic Heritage Month speaks volumes. While Jacky Rosen and Steve Sisolak kicked off Hispanic Heritage Month with community events last weekend, Heller and Laxalt didn’t so much as tweet about it. It is clear that Nevada’s Hispanic community is at the bottom of their priority list every month of the year. Forgetting about Hispanic Heritage Month symbolizes how little Heller and Laxalt value the Hispanic community and their contributions to our state.”