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Hardy Runs From Rubber-Stamp Record in New Ad

Cresent Hardy’s campaign has begun airing a new ad that attempts to re-define Hardy’s right-wing record and run away from his support for the Trump agenda. Hardy’s ad paints a non-partisan picture that’s starkly at odds with his partisan record and policy positions, including his lock-step support for Donald Trump.

Hardy’s Out-of-Step Record:

  • When asked, Hardy did not name a single issue on which he disagrees with Trump.
  • Hardy disclosed that he voted for Donald Trump in 2016.
  • Of the bills Hardy co-sponsored in Congress, 95% were introduced by a Republican.
  • Hardy voted multiple times against the Affordable Care Act
  • Hardy supported cuts to Medicare and backed increasing the Social Security retirement age to 75.
  • When asked if “children who suffer from severe mental illness should have access to guns without background checks,” Hardy said: “Absolutely, yes.”


Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Michael Soneff released the following statement:

“Cresent Hardy’s new ad is a pleasant fiction, but it badly misrepresents his radical record and unreasonable positions. Hardy has been a rubber-stamp for the Washington Republican agenda and would be a rubber-stamp for Donald Trump. At every turn, Hardy has sided with special interests against the needs of working Nevadans. Hardy is out-of-step, and unfit to represent this district.”