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SHOT/CHASER: Laxalt Claims Abortion Rights Not at Stake with Kavanaugh; Former Sandoval Staffer Says There’s Cause for Concern

SHOT: Laxalt “downplayed concerns” that he’d he’d work with anti-choice Judge Kavanaugh to roll back abortion rights in Nevada.

“Republican gubernatorial candidate Adam Laxalt downplayed concerns that he may push to limit abortion rights in Nevada if elected governor as he praised President Donald Trump’s decision to nominate Brett Kavanaugh to join the Supreme Court.

‘“Nevada is uniquely situated since we have a referendum on the books from 1990 that guarantees a woman’s right to have an abortion,’ Laxalt, who is pro-life and serves as attorney general, said on a conference call with reporters. ‘Certainly in our state this will not be an issue.’” — The Nevada Independent, 7/10/18

CHASER: Former Sandoval staffer says there could be cutbacks on reproductive rights with Kavanaugh on the bench — “these are concerns to have.”

“Daniel Stewart, former chief counsel to Gov. Brian Sandoval, said abortion rights groups have cause to be concerned. There were similar predictions that Roe could be overturned in the 1990s with George H.W. Bush’s nomination of Justice David Souter, who and ended up being a ‘champion of reproductive rights,’ Stewart said.

“While it’s unlikely Roe is overturned, he said, there may be some cut backs with a narrow 5-4 court. ‘Anytime there’s a change in a court, especially when you’re dealing with a swing seat, these are concerns to have,’ Stewart said.” — Las Vegas Sun, 9/12/18