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VP in Nevada, Where Was Hardy?

Today Mike Pence arrived in Las Vegas to help Republican campaigns, but one candidate was notably absent from the tarmac and from his schedule: Cresent Hardy, who is running for Congress in Nevada’s 4th District. This isn’t the first time that Hardy has been snubbed by the White House. The last two times that President Trump visited Las Vegas, he has been greeted by groups of local Republican candidates and officials, but Cresent Hardy was not included. Last month the White House left Cresent Hardy out of a list of the President’s priorities for Nevada. Trump also did not recognize Hardy at the 2018 Nevada State GOP Convention, despite his attendance. Hardy has recently tried to cozy up to the President and flip-flopped on his commitment not to vote for Donald Trump for President in 2016 (Hardy now claims he voted for Trump).

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Michael Soneff released the following statement:

“Cresent Hardy has tried hard to burnish his far-right credentials and earn the support of the extremes of his party. Hardy repeatedly voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act and remove protections for people with pre-existing conditions, advocates for storing nuclear waste in Yucca mountain, and supports privatizing Social Security and Medicare. With or without Trump’s help, Hardy is badly out of step with Nevadans.”

Background on Hardy’s praise for Trump:

  • When asked, Hardy did not name a single issue on which he disagrees with Trump.
  • “I’ve got to give him credit,” Hardy said about Trump. “I believe he’s the first honest person. He’s doing everything he promised he would do and … I doubted it, you know.” [Nevada Independent, 8/3/18]
  • “I’ve got to be honest with you. Things are moving great. [Trump has] done a wonderful job.” [Kevin Wall]
  • “He’s also changed his tune on Trump, adding that he’s ‘ecstatic’ about the direction some of his policies are going” [Nevada Independent, 8/3/18]
  • “[Trump’s] tone doesn’t bother me,” … “He’s speaking the truth.” [Atlantic, 12/22/15]
  • “On Saturday, Hardy acknowledged publicly for the first time that he voted for Trump. ‘There was nobody else to vote for,’ he said.” [Nevada Independent, 8/3/18]