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WATCH: Jon Ralston: If Health Care Defines #NVSEN, “Dean Heller Is In Big, Big Trouble”

With health care continuing to be the number one issue for Nevada voters, Sen. Dean Heller may be in for a rude awakening. The Nevada Independent editor Jon Ralston appeared on MSNBC over Labor Day weekend to discuss the state of the race – and said that if health care remains the top issue, “Dean Heller is in big, big trouble.” Watch here:


  • Ralston: “I don’t think we have enough time today or maybe in the next week to describe all his positions… He was for it, before he was against it, before he was for it, before he was against it, before he was maybe for it.”
  • Ralston: “He came out against one of the bills, did a press conference with Governor Brian Sandoval, his fellow Republican here who was the first Republican governor to expand Medicaid. And then there’s that viral video of him with President Trump where Trump essentially threatens his re-election, and now suddenly Dean Heller has seen the light and loves Donald Trump and voted for one of the repeal bills.”
  • Ralston: “They are using all of Dean Heller’s positions as the fulcrum to create an issue called Senator Spineless, that is their ad campaign, it’s actually very, very well done, I think.”
  • Ralston: “If they can make that the issue, then I think Dean Heller is in big, big trouble.”