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Anti-Labor Candidate Cresent Hardy Pretends to Care About Workers on Labor Day

According to Cresent Hardy, he first entered politics because he thought workers were making too much money by earning a prevailing wage. On this Labor Day, however, Hardy tweeted: “Today we celebrate all the #hardworking Nevadans that don’t stop until the job is done! You deserve a day off to enjoy the #harvest of your hard work.”

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Michael Soneff released the following statement:

“Cresent Hardy’s record doesn’t match his rhetoric; he has spent a career fighting to lower wages and take rights away from working Nevadans. From taking health care from retirees, to stripping collective bargaining rights and eliminating overtime pay, Hardy knows that he is badly out-of-step with Nevadans–that’s why he’s trying so hard to cover up his anti-worker record. Families living paycheck to paycheck need a representative who fights for them, not corporate special interests.”

Cresent Hardy’s Record on Labor:

  • Hardy introduced legislation to strip workers of overtime pay.
  • Hardy fought to cut pensions and retirement security for workers, even though he took a public pension while holding political office.
  • Hardy advocated for lower wages for workers which would help his non-union company.
  • Hardy voted to strip union rights from workers in the Veterans Administration.
  • Hardy repeatedly voted against paid sick leave protection for workers.
  • Hardy voted to take health care away from retired workers.
  • “The unions, I believe, have a potential of destroying this state.” – Cresent Hardy
  • “Me, personally, I’ve had to deal with the union because of the construction side of it. I’m a non-union contractor, and have no intent to be a union contractor, but we’ve been put under a lot of pressure, and the unions have turned somewhere between … instead of a group or a coalition, they’re somewhere between a mob and a gang.” – Cresent Hardy