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Wayback Wednesday: Heller Has “Always Supported the Border Wall”

One year ago, Sen. Dean Heller continued his desperate and self-serving embrace of President Trump in an interview with NBC News where he said that he’s “always supported the border wall.” Heller also insisted that Congress should give President Trump the taxpayer funding he needs to start building a wasteful, ineffective border wall between the U.S. and Mexico. In the same interview, Heller also declared that if the government did shut down, it would be “nobody else’s fault but the Republican Party.”

NBC News:

Heller said the president’s threat to shut down the government if Congress refuses to give him a down-payment on his border wall in upcoming spending bills would only hurt the GOP.

“I don’t like shutting down the government,” Heller said. “There will be no excuses and nobody else’s fault but the Republican Party if this government does shut down.”

He did say, however, that Congress should give Trump the funding he wants, which is presumably the $1.4 billion he asked for in his budget. “I think as Republicans we need to be reasonable and work with the president on this and let’s make sure he gets the funding he needs.”

Heller said he has “always supported the border wall” and border security, but said a continuous physical wall along the border isn’t necessary, saying the border patrol should determine what type of security is necessary.

Heller has since begged Trump not to shut down the federal government over the border wall — at least until after his election in November.