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Laxalt Bashes California While Collecting Income from Newport Beach Investment Firm

If it’s an Adam Laxalt political event, you can guarantee a gratuitous amount of baseless hand-wringing over Nevada turning into California. Nearly every speaker at the Republican gubernatorial hopeful’s annual Basque Fry fundraiser last weekend echoed the same “barrage of warnings about the Californication of Nevada,” a “key component” of Laxalt’s speeches on the campaign trail.

Yet while Laxalt was enlisting the Trump acolytes and out-of-touch right-wingers he invited to Nevada to parrot his anti-California scare tactics, he relies on a high-end Southern California wealth advisory firm for part of his income. The Bahnsen Group of HighTower’s mission is to “cater to affluent individuals, families, and institutions” and is based in tony Newport Beach, where the median home price is a cool $2.4 million.

But Newport Beach isn’t the only California locale from which Laxalt has benefitted. In January, Laxalt spent a weekend at a “restful sanctuary for weekend getaways” near Palm Springs for an exclusive retreat with the Koch network of GOP mega-donors.

Nevada State Democratic Party spokeswoman Helen Kalla released the following statement:

“While Adam Laxalt spews anti-California talking points sans evidence, he’s cashing checks from a fancy investment firm based in…California. By making this the central message of his campaign, Laxalt shows just how out-of-touch he is with what Nevada families really care about — better schools, affordable health care, and good-paying jobs. It comes as no surprise that a prep school educated, Northern Virginia native who’s lived in the state for just seven years doesn’t understand what matters to everyday Nevadans.”