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Laxalt’s Basque Fry to Showcase His Right-Wing Extremism and Devotion to Special Interests

Tomorrow, Republican gubernatorial candidate Adam Laxalt will gather a cast of characters from the fringes of American politics to speak at his fourth annual Basque Fry — including NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch and some of Pres. Trump’s closest allies — Kellyanne Conway, Rep. Devin Nunes, and Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi. The Gardnerville fundraiser for Laxalt’s PAC has attracted similarly radical speakers in the past, such as notorious racist Sheriff David Clarke, Trump’s reckless warmonger John Bolton, and fringe ideologue Ted Cruz.

On display at Laxalt’s Basque Fry this year will be his loyalty to the powerful Washington, DC gun lobby, with Loesch enjoying a prime speaking slot. With the event being promoted as “fun for the entire family,” can we still expect Loesch to make the same famously offensive comments she’s known for this Saturday? Highlights include:

  • Defending American soldiers urinating on enemy corpses.
  • Saying she’d be happy to see journalists “curb-stomped” and calling them “the rat bastards of the earth” and “a boil on the backside of American politics.”
  • Attacking a woman’s right to choose by saying abortion is not a constitutional right and calling women who use birth control “nymphos” who are “supporting female genocide.”
  • Justifying forcing women to undergo an ultrasound before obtaining an abortion by comparing the procedure to consensual sex.

But Laxalt’s coziness with the NRA goes beyond giving a platform to its incendiary spokesperson and sharing Northern Virginia roots. Laxalt campaigned for the NRA’s $6.6 million initiative to defeat a background check expansion ballot measure, known as Question 1. Laxalt’s 2014 campaign manager and current campaign consultant, Robert Uithoven, led the NRA’s political action committee that ran the campaign against Question 1. Laxalt spoke at the NRA’s 2017 convention, was set to speak at the 2018 event until his photo was mysteriously scrubbed from the site, and ultimately decided to skip the convention to hide his true affinity for the gun lobby from Nevadans.

Nevada State Democratic Party spokeswoman Helen Kalla released the following statement:

“Featuring a veritable who’s who of Trump lackeys and radical extremists, this year’s Basque Fry promises to be the event of the season for a carpetbagging candidate looking to boost his far-right brand for future runs at elected office. Adam Laxalt has worked hard to hide his true colors from Nevada voters, but this weekend, he will be showcasing his unwavering fealty to the special interest gun lobby and fringe, right-wing views for all of Nevada to see.”