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Trump White House Ignores Cresent Hardy’s Campaign

The Trump White House left Cresent Hardy’s struggling campaign off of President Trump’s list of priorities for his planned visit to Nevada, according to press accounts of a White House conference call. The White House official mentioned the races for governor, US Senate, and Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District, but notably not Hardy’s race. Trump’s apparent snub comes on the heels of a recently released poll that shows Steven Horsford opening a significant lead over Cresent Hardy.

This isn’t the first time that Hardy has been ignored by President Trump. When the President last visited Las Vegas a Who’s Who of Republicans greeted him on the tarmac, but Cresent Hardy was not included. Trump also did not recognize Hardy at the 2018 Nevada State GOP Convention, despite his attendance. Hardy has recently tried to cozy up to the President. Hardy flip-flopped on his commitment not to vote for Donald Trump for President in 2016 (Hardy now claims he voted for Trump).

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Michael Soneff released the following statement:

“One sided relationships are always sad, but Cresent Hardy’s failed attempts to win Trump’s affection are particularly humiliating. Steven Horsford’s campaign and message are connecting with Nevada voters, and he is picking up momentum every day.”

Background on Hardy’s praise for Trump:

  • “I’ve got to give him credit,” Hardy said about Trump. “I believe he’s the first honest person. He’s doing everything he promised he would do and … I doubted it, you know.” [Nevada Independent, 8/3/18]
  • “He’s also changed his tune on Trump, adding that he’s “ecstatic” about the direction some of his policies are going” [Nevada Independent, 8/3/18]
  • “[Trump’s] tone doesn’t bother me,” … “He’s speaking the truth.” [Atlantic, 12/22/15]
  • “On Saturday, Hardy acknowledged publicly for the first time that he voted for Trump. ‘There was nobody else to vote for,’ he said.” [Nevada Independent, 8/3/18]