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One Month Later: Does Roberson Share Laxalt’s “Red Flag” Laws Flip-Flop?

One month ago today, The Nevada Independent reported that Republican attorney general and gubernatorial candidate Adam Laxalt had flip-flopped on his stance on “red flag” laws that would keep guns out of the hands of those who pose a threat of violence. Laxalt recommended in a 32-page school safety report this summer that the Nevada legislature look at adopting such a law, but in a speech before the NRA in 2017, Laxalt called the concept “terrifying” and panned a similar bill the legislature was considering.

But Laxalt’s running mate, lieutenant governor candidate Michael Roberson, has been silent since his ally’s apparent pivot. In early 2017, Senate Minority Leader Roberson joined Laxalt in criticizing the bill before the state senate as a “pre-crime” bill, referencing the film Minority Report — the same talking point used by Laxalt in his NRA speech and by the NRA itself. The NRA even testified against the bill that both Laxalt and Roberson slammed.

It was only when the NRA started to come around to the concept that Laxalt began singing a different tune. But Roberson has yet to comment on Laxalt’s flip-flop, and appears to still oppose this measure intended to keep guns out of dangerous hands. With the two Republicans remaining deeply divided on whether to keep Gov. Brian Sandoval’s bipartisan education investment, this looks like yet another issue that pits Laxalt and Roberson on opposite sides.

Nevada State Democratic Party spokeswoman Helen Kalla released the following statement:

“Clearly Laxalt and Roberson aren’t on the same page on many important issues. With gun violence prevention weighing on voters’ minds this election, they deserve to know whether Roberson will pivot whichever way the gun lobby tells him to like Laxalt, or if he still opposes a common-sense safety measure to keep guns out of dangerous hands.”