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Lame Duck Speaker Ryan Plans Nevada Trip to Rescue Struggling Hardy Campaign

House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) plans to visit Nevada, according to recent media reports. Ryan’s visit is likely a response to a recently released poll that shows Steven Horsford opening a significant lead over Cresent Hardy. Ryan is coming to hold a criminal justice reform event with Hardy, though both Hardy and Ryan have long track records of supporting draconian criminal justice policies and opposing meaningful reform. In 2011, Hardy voted against a pilot diversion program for people struggling with drug addiction or mental illness.

Cresent Hardy has supported many of the Trump/Ryan policies that put him out-of-step with Nevadans:


Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Michael Soneff released the following statement:

“Cresent Hardy and Paul Ryan pretend to care about criminal justice reform, but their records say the opposite. The draconian war-on-drug policies advocated by Ryan and Hardy have had devastating effects on Nevada communities, and done nothing to stop the spread of the opioid crisis. Paul Ryan and the DC donor establishment want Cresent Hardy back in Washington to advance policies that hurt Nevadans, including cutting Social Security and Medicare, bringing nuclear waste to Nevada, and gutting the Affordable Care Act.”


Hardy Voted Against Pilot Diversion Program To Treat Probation Violators Who Are Drug Addicts Or Alcoholics. Hardy voted against a bill that “requires the Department of Corrections to establish a pilot diversion program … used to provide treatment to certain probation violators if a court has reasonable cause to believe that the probation violators are alcoholics or drug addicts or in need of treatment for a mental illness and if the probation violators are ordered to the custody of the Department to receive such treatment.” The bill passed 30-8. [AB93, 6/04/11]

Bill Required Probation Violator To Pay For Cost Of Treatment Or Complete Community Service. The bill “provides that a person placed in the pilot diversion program is required to pay for the cost of his or her treatment and supervision to the extent of his or her financial resources and authorizes a court to require such a person to perform community service upon completion of treatment to contribute toward the cost of his or her treatment and supervision.” [AB93, 6/04/11]

Bill Probation Violator Can Be Released From Supervision After Successful Treatment Or Court Can Revoke Probation If Unsuccessful. The bill “provides that upon satisfaction of the terms and conditions imposed upon a probation violator for participation in the pilot diversion program, the court shall release the probationer from supervision and order the probationer to complete any period of probation. If a probation violator violates the rules of the program or does not satisfy the terms and conditions of participation or successfully complete treatment, the court may revoke probation.” [AB93, 6/04/11]