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NV Dems Statement on Trump Campaigning in Nevada

Today, Nevada State Democratic Party communications director Helen Kalla released the following statement on the White House’s announcement that President Donald Trump will be campaigning for Republican candidates in Nevada in the coming weeks.

“Nevadans already rejected Donald Trump and his disastrous agenda in 2016, so we welcome him back to Nevada to remind voters just how much Dean Heller, Adam Laxalt, and the entire Republican ticket are rubber stamps for Trump’s unpopular, failed policies.

“Whether it’s taking away health care from Nevada families; ripping children from the arms of their parents; giving wealthy corporations a huge tax break on the backs of working Nevadans; or rolling back protections to keep our air and water clean for the next generation, Trump’s dangerous policies are wrong for Nevada — and so are the GOP candidates who reflexively support them.

“While Trump and his rubber stamp Republicans remain committed to their toxic agenda despite its deep unpopularity, Nevada Democrats will continue to out-register Republicans and have meaningful, face-to-face conversations with voters about what’s important and why Democrats will put Nevada families before blind partisanship.”