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Adelson Rewards Heller with Millions in Super PAC Money for Caving on Health Care

A little over a year after Republican Sen. Dean Heller broke his promise to Nevadans and voted to take away health care from his constituents, he will be getting a substantial reward in his re-election bid from none other than casino billionaire and GOP mega-donor Sheldon Adelson, who also maxed out to Heller earlier this year.


  1. Last summer, Adelson contacted Heller “to complain about his opposition to the Republican-written health overhaul.” Adelson was unhappy with the senator and it was reported that “their relationship needed some repair work.”
  2. Weeks later, Heller betrayed Nevadans and sold out their health care. Then he helped craft a bill that gave Adelson’s company a $670 million tax break in the first three months of 2018.
  3. Yesterday, it was revealed that Adelson gave a whopping $25 million to McConnell’s Super PAC, the group that said they would be Heller’s “biggest independent supporter” in 2018. The group announced they planned to spend at least $11.2 million in ads to prop up Heller.
  4. Today, McConnell’s Super PAC placed a new TV ad buy in Nevada, channeling Adelson’s money directly into supporting Heller.




Nevada Democratic State Party spokesperson Sarah Abel made the following statement on Adelson’s reward:

“This is what it looks like when a politician gets bought off and sells out his constituents in our current campaign finance system. While Nevadans continue to worry about their access to life-saving and affordable health care, Sen. Heller continues to be showered with Super PAC money funded by GOP mega-donors.”