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One Year Ago Today: Heller Struggles to Defend His Health Care Flip-Flop

One year ago today, Sen. Dean Heller doubled down on his decision to break the promise he’d made to protect Nevadans’ health care.

In a “stunning interview” with KLAS in Las Vegas, Heller said:

  • “I said I would not support any legislation that would take healthcare away” (but supported the skinny repeal and the Graham-Cassidy-Heller bill—both would have caused millions to lose health care).


  • “No one was more disappointed than myself” that the GOP’s attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act failed

  • Said he hoped to find the 50th vote to support the “Heller-Graham-Cassidy bill” (despite concerns from Gov. Sandoval)


  • And even bragged about the role he played in the skinny repeal (which was rejected by a bipartisan majority in the Senate and Gov. Sandoval also opposed)