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Danny Tarkanian Falls Apart in Response to Coverage of His Campaign Stunt

Today Danny Tarkanian melted down on Twitter in response to a Nevada Current story covering his campaign’s latest stunt. Providing context to Tarkanian’s claims that Susie Lee is out of touch, the Current story mentions that Danny’s failed “equestrian resort” required a $16 million bailout from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

Nevada Democratic State Party spokesperson Michael Soneff released the following statement:

“Danny is so upset because he doesn’t want the public to know that he has a long track record of scandal and shady dealings, that he helped to set up telemarketing scam companies, steered charity funds into his political campaign account, and has racked up millions in debt while paying himself a six-figure salary at his struggling real estate company. There’s no doubt that Danny Tarkanian is badly out of step with honest, hardworking Nevadans, which is why the voters have rejected him in each of his five campaigns for office.”

Check out Danny’s tweets below:

And the response from the Editor of the Nevada Current: