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Heller Does Nothing While Trump Administration Rolls Back Consumer Protections for Servicemembers and Military Families

This week, 49 U.S. Senators urged the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) to reverse its reported decision to scale back supervision and enforcement of the Military Lending Act, exposing servicemembers and their families to predatory loans with sky high interest rates. Not on the list? Sen. Dean Heller.

Considering Heller has previously supported legislation that granted the CFPB and other financial regulators the authority to enforce the Military Lending Act, you’d think Heller would be up in arms. But instead, Heller refused to stand up to the administration and has remained silent on the CFPB’s move.

Nevada Democratic State Party spokesperson Sarah Abel released the following statement:

“If Heller was serious about standing up for those who fight for our country, he’d have the backbone to stand up to the Trump Administration when it exposes servicemembers and their families to financial predators. Our military families deserve better than a senator who sits idly by while the agency that’s supposed to be the nation’s consumer watchdog makes it easier for predatory lenders to scam our servicemembers.”