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Heller Admits He Can’t Win Another Term on His Own Merit, Is Counting on Trump and Laxalt to Rescue His Campaign

In a new interview with the Washington Examiner this week, Sen. Dean Heller admitted that the only way his struggling campaign can win is with extreme Republican Attorney General Adam Laxalt’s presence on the ballot and Donald Trump’s support (which must be why he’s completely flipped on his stance on Trump).

Heller is apparently conceding that he still has a major problem with his base, and that he can’t win another term on his own merit.

  • Washington Examiner: “the Nevada Republican is banking on two key outside factors to help him turn out his base: Trump’s support and the presence of Adam Laxalt, the state’s attorney general, on the ballot as the GOP gubernatorial nominee.”

This isn’t the first time that Heller has admitted that he has a problem with his base either. In March, Heller told a group of Republican donors behind closed doors that when Justice Kennedy retires it will “get our base a little motivated” to vote.

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Sarah Abel released the following statement:

“Sen. Heller is desperate to keep his job in Washington, but even he knows he can’t win this race on his own merit. Across the ideological spectrum, Nevadans are fed up with Sen. Heller’s lies, broken promises and spineless flip-flops. Dean Heller’s self-inflicted political problems aren’t going away, and he’s hoping Donald Trump and Adam Laxalt will drag him across the finish line.”