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#TBT: Will Heller Keep Campaign Cash from Controversial Former Papa John’s CEO?

One year ago today, Sen. Dean Heller’s campaign accepted $4,225 in political donations from John Schnatter, the disgraced founder of Papa John’s who was ousted as CEO of the company this year following controversial and racist remarks.

After the Heller campaign took his money, Schnatter—a major Republican donor— found himself embroiled in one controversy after another, including his use of racial slurs that resulted in him being forced out of the company. Since those comments, Republican politicians including Mitch McConnell have also faced pressure to respond to Schnatter’s offensive conduct and return the thousands of dollars in contributions they have received from him.

“Racism should not be tolerated by any elected official in this country, and certainly not by a United States Senator for the state of Nevada,” said Nevada State Democratic Party Chair William McCurdy II. “If the offensive comments made by John Schnatter were enough to have a major company remove its founder and CEO, you have to wonder why Sen. Dean Heller hasn’t spoken out against this or returned this money. But, as always, Sen. Heller’s focus is on looking out for himself and his campaign coffers—not doing what’s right.”


August 16, 2017: John Schnatter Donated $4,225 To Heller For Senate. According to a search on FEC, John Schnatter donated a total of $4,225 to Heller for Senate on August 16, 2017. [FEC, Viewed 8/16/18]