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?BREAKING? Sandoval Won’t Endorse Laxalt in Governor’s Race

Today, term-limited Gov. Brian Sandoval announced he does not plan to endorse his fellow Republican, Attorney General Adam Laxalt, to replace him in the race for governor. Just this week, Laxalt told the Reno Gazette-Journal that he “wasn’t sure if he could expect Sandoval’s coveted support” but that he “‘hope[s] to earn his vote just like with everyone else.’”

Nevada State Democratic Party spokeswoman Helen Kalla released the following statement:

“Today, Gov. Sandoval eliminated any doubt that Adam Laxalt is wrong for Nevada and is unfit to lead the state into its next chapter. Nevada children need better-quality schools, but Laxalt wants to cut school funding. Nevada families need more affordable health care, but Laxalt opposes expanding access to coverage. Nevada women need protections for their reproductive rights, but Laxalt wants to roll back their freedom to make their own decisions. Sandoval knows that Laxalt would drag Nevada in the wrong direction because he is committed only to his special interest puppet masters and not to everyday Nevadans. Voters don’t want a partisan hack in the governor’s mansion who puts the Kochs’ agenda over what’s best for them, and they’ll join Gov. Sandoval in rejecting Laxalt once and for all this November.”

For months, Sandoval refused to say he’d endorse Laxalt, largely due to Laxalt’s insistence on eliminating Sandoval’s legacy bipartisan education investment, which Sandoval has said would disqualify a candidate from earning his support. The moderate governor remains immensely popular with Nevadans, enjoying a nearly 60 percent approval rating.

Laxalt and Sandoval strongly disagree on a number of issues, with Laxalt often going behind Sandoval’s back to take action on behalf of the state to advance his hyper-partisan agenda. Here are the top reasons why Laxalt would drag Nevada in the wrong direction:

  • LAXALT WANTS TO CUT EDUCATION FUNDING: Laxalt wants to cut Sandoval’s bipartisan investment in Nevada’s struggling public schools and has failed to offer a reason or alternative. Sandoval blasted Laxalt’s proposal to repeal the funding, and said it disqualifies Laxalt from earning his endorsement.

  • LAXALT OPPOSES ACCESS TO HEALTH CARE: Sandoval has stood against Trump’s attempts to sabotage Nevada’s health care system, while Laxalt ignored a request to stand up for Nevada and opposed Sandoval’s move to expand Medicaid.

  • LAXALT WANTS TO ROLL BACK REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS: Sandoval is pro-choice, but Laxalt has spent his time as attorney general adding Nevada to briefs defending anti-choice laws in other states — in at least two instances without consulting Sandoval.

  • LAXALT REFUSES TO STAND UP FOR IMMIGRANT FAMILIES: Laxalt defied Sandoval in challenging Pres. Obama’s executive action on immigration, and failed to join Sandoval in speaking up to protect DACA when Trump unilaterally ended it.

  • LAXALT DOESN’T SUPPORT LGBT EQUALITY: Laxalt has stood firmly against marriage equality and equality for transgender students in contrast with Sandoval.

  • LAXALT IS WRONG ON ENERGY & ENVIRONMENT: Sandoval panned Laxalt’s decision to file an amicus brief against Pres. Obama’s Clean Power Plan, saying Laxalt was “simply offering his legal opinion,” and dismissed Laxalt’s lawsuit on protections for the sage grouse as “not represent[ing] the state of Nevada, the governor, or any state agencies.”

  • LAXALT IS BOUGHT-AND-PAID-FOR: Sandoval criticized Laxalt’s support of a bill written by lobbyists for his biggest donor, casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, that would outlaw online gaming and expressed concern that the attorney general “would speak out against current state law in our leading industry.”