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One Year Ago Today: Heller Finally Admits, Nine Months After the 2016 Election, That He Voted for Trump

One year ago today, and just a week after drawing a right wing primary challenger, Sen. Dean Heller revealed that he voted for Donald Trump for President—the same candidate who Heller said “denigrates human beings”, who he “vehemently opposed”, and said he was 99 percent certain he’d vote against. After running from the question for months, Heller made the statement via text message to The Nevada Independent.

Since then, Heller has continued to further embrace Trump and his divisive, out-of-touch rhetoric. Heller has campaigned with Trump here in state, and continues to be rewarded by President Trump for selling out Nevadans’ health care.

The Nevada Independent: Nine months after 2016 election, Heller finally says he voted for Trump

Nearly nine months after the conclusion of the 2016 general election and despite months of hesitation, Republican Sen. Dean Heller has finally confirmed that he voted for Donald Trump for president.

In a short statement released to The Nevada Independent, Heller — who is up for reelection in 2018 and is being challenged in a primary by businessman Danny Tarkanian — confirmed that he indeed voted for the Republican nominee during the 2016 election after more than a year of vocal criticism toward the party’s nominee.

“Yes, I voted for Donald Trump,” he said in a statement texted to a reporter.

The acknowledgement follows nearly a year and a half of criticism and cautious public statements made by Heller about Trump throughout the 2016 election. Most notably, he told reporters in October 2016 that he was 99 percent certain he would oppose the Republican nominee for president.

Heller also donated campaign donations from Trump to charity in 2015, and said during the campaign he was “vehemently opposed” to Trump, whom he described as a man that “denigrates human beings.”