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VIDEO: Heller Embraces Trump Rhetoric, Wants To Abolish The Federal Minimum Wage

After voting to block legislation to give hardworking Nevadans a raise by increasing the federal minimum wage in recent years, Sen. Dean Heller lurched even further to the right this week. At a Las Vegas Latin Chamber of Commerce event, Heller showed just how far right he’s become as he continues to embrace Donald Trump’s extreme views, explaining that he doesn’t think the federal minimum wage for workers should even exist.

When asked about his position on increasing the minimum wage, Heller’s response was: “I don’t think that there ought to be a national minimum wage.”



HELLER: “If you want to talk about minimum wage, I think first of all that it’s the governor or the state legislature’s responsibility to decide that. But I don’t think that there ought to be a national minimum wage because there’s a big difference between New Jersey and Nevada. There’s a big difference between Nevada and New York. Let the states decide if in fact, one, they want a minimum wage…

Nevada State Democratic Party Chair William McCurdy II released the following statement:

 “By stating his support for literally getting rid of the minimum wage at the federal level, Sen. Heller continues to prove that he couldn’t care less about the countless Nevadans who work full-time but are still living in poverty and struggling to make ends meet for their families. After putting his name on a radical bill to slash health care coverage and then passing a tax plan that disproportionately benefits corporate CEOs and the ultra-wealthy, Dean Heller is showing his true colors by doubling down on this fringe and heartless position of wanting to abolish the federal minimum wage. It’s clear that Dean Heller cares more about his right-wing ideological donors than the paychecks of the regular, hardworking Nevadans he’s supposed to represent.”


2014: Heller Voted To Block A Bill To Gradually Increase The Federal Minimum Wage To $10.10. In April 2014, Heller voted against: “Motion to invoke cloture (thus limiting debate) on the Reid, D-Nev., motion to proceed to the bill that would increase the federal minimum wage from $7.25 to $10.10 by 2016. It would gradually increase the minimum cash wage for workers who receive tips until it equals 70 percent of the federal minimum wage or other workers. It also would amend the tax code to extend through 2016 the $500,000 cap for small business expensing of investments eligible for deductions, including allowances for computer software and qualified real property.” The motion failed 54-42. [CQ, 4/30/14; S.2223, Vote 117, 4/30/14]

2015: Heller Voted Against Amendment Increasing The Federal Minimum Wage. In March 2015, Heller voted against: “Sanders, I-Vt., amendment no. 881 that would create a deficit neutral reserve fund to allow for legislation that would increase the federal minimum wage.” The amendment was rejected by 48-52. [CQ, 3/26/15; S.Amdt.881 to S.Con.Res.11, Vote 93, 3/26/15]

  • The Hill: Senate Republicans Blocked An Amendment To The GOP Budget That Called For Increasing The Minimum Wage. “Senate Republicans on Thursday blocked an amendment to the GOP budget that called for increasing the minimum wage. The amendment offered by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) failed in a 48-52 vote. The amendment would have created a deficit neutral reserve fund, essentially a budgetary placeholder, that ‘promoted a substantial increase in the minimum wage. It did not specify how high the federal minimum wage which now sits at $7.25, should be raised.” [The Hill, Floor Action, 3/26/15]