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NV Dems File New Ethics Complaint As Heller Continues to Exploit Official Position To Raise Campaign Cash

The Nevada State Democratic Party announced that it has filed an ethics complaint against Republican Sen. Dean Heller with the Senate Select Committee on Ethics for soliciting and accepting contributions because of official actions Heller promised to take.

Last week, Sen. Heller personally signed a fundraising email for his campaign asking for donations explicitly based on his commitment to vote to confirm President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee. The email makes seven separate solicitations for contributions to Heller for Senate in connection with Sen. Heller’s future vote in support of Brett Kavanaugh. Heller is clearly and repeatedly asking for campaign contributions in return for an official act in the form of a future Senate vote, in violation of existing federal law and ethics rules.

“Once again, Sen. Heller has been caught red-handed violating federal law and ethics rules by using his vote for Trump’s extreme Supreme Court nominee to solicit donations for his floundering re-election campaign,” said William McCurdy II, Chair of the Nevada State Democratic Party. “The fact that Heller and his campaign continue to participate in this blatantly unethical conduct to raise campaign cash proves that Heller’s vote is for sale and that he thinks he’s above playing by the rules. It’s time for the Senate Select Committee on Ethics to investigate this misconduct immediately and take appropriate action.”

This isn’t the first, or second, or even sixth complaint the State Party has been forced to file against Heller’s re-election campaign over serious ethics and campaign finance problems. It’s the seventh. Here’s a look at some of Heller’s most questionable activity this cycle:

  1. Heller’s campaign has failed to return nearly $30,000 in illegal contributions from a straw-donor scheme.

  2. As a member of the Senate Finance Committee, Heller used his official position to solicit campaign donations as Republicans in Congress were preparing to pass their tax giveaway to giant corporations and the ultra-wealthy.

  3. Heller’s campaign staff repeatedly copied the senator’s official press releases and posted them in nearly identical form on the campaign’s Medium account.

  4. Suspicious electronic billboard ads promoting Heller across Las Vegas lacked proper disclaimers required by federal election law.

  5. The home page of Heller’s campaign website is still improperly displaying an official Senate photo from a committee hearing on Capitol Hill.

  6. Heller’s campaign admitted to violating campaign finance laws by accepting a “cheap discount” on work provided by Heller’s son’s company.