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Hats Off to Senator Spineless

Sen. Dean Heller hit a new low in his desperate attempts to cozy up to Donald Trump when his campaign reported spending $217.37 last quarter on “office supplies”… and by “office supplies” we mean “Make America Great Again” hats sold by the Trump campaign:

Those disbursements, reported on Heller’s FEC report for Q2, are also reported sloppily and incorrectly. The entry appears to inaccurately list the recipient as “MAGA Hats” when it should be to the “Trump Make America Great Again Committee.” The entry also neglects to include a period or cycle, a compliance error that will likely trigger a request for further information from the FEC. Numerous other entries contained similar errors.

Good job, Team Dean!

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Sarah Abel released the following statement:

“Dean Heller has been a spineless sycophant hitching his political fortunes to Donald Trump at every turn over the past year, and now he’s taking that support to absurd ends. The same politician who was once so disgusted by Trump’s rhetoric that he rejected Trump’s donation is now spending hundreds of dollars on MAGA hats. The closer we get to November, the more evidence there is that Heller’s sloppy and opportunistic campaign is turning into a joke.”