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Where’s Adam Laxalt This Weekend? Rubbing Elbows with the Koch Network at a “Luxury Resort”

Republican gubernatorial candidate Adam Laxalt can be hard to pin down, but we found out where he’ll be spending his weekend — at a “luxury Rocky Mountain resort” where he’ll be hobnobbing with the Koch network of billionaire special interests and mega-wealthy dark money donors.

But the Kochs’ money doesn’t come for free. Days before the second media buy was announced, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that Laxalt secretly added Nevada to a California lawsuit last year in support of allowing AFP to hide the identities of their top donors. And Laxalt has been pushing a right-wing agenda right out of the Koch playbook on some of the most important issues to Nevadans — health care and education. The Kochs support Trump’s efforts to sabotage the Affordable Care Act, including denying coverage for pre-existing conditions, while Laxalt has been silent in the face of attacks on Nevadans’ health care. Laxalt and the Kochs both want to repeal Gov. Sandoval’s legacy education investment that provides hundreds of millions of dollars biannually to Nevada public schools, with the Kochs “[taking] the lead” on gathering signatures for two separate referendum efforts to repeal the school funding.

The Koch network holds exclusive biannual getaways to convene its group of conservative mega-donors, who each contribute at least $100,000 per year to Koch-affiliated organizations, and Republican politicians they consider to be “rising stars” — like Laxalt. Nevada’s attorney general also attended the Kochs’ January retreat near Palm Springs, CA, where his was named a top five gubernatorial race for the Kochs, who are backing a massive effort to elect him.

And what a massive effort it is. In fact, the Koch network has spent 26 times more on Laxalt this election cycle than they have on all other gubernatorial candidates combined.  A month ago today, the Koch network’s Freedom Partners Action Fund announced another $1.5 million ad campaign to support Laxalt’s gubernatorial bid. This comes on top of a previous million-dollar ad buy from Freedom Partners last fall — their first of the 2018 cycle — and an additional “across the board” investment for Laxalt by another Koch super-PAC, Americans for Prosperity (AFP).

Nevada State Democratic Party spokeswoman Helen Kalla released the following statement:

“It certainly pays to be Laxalt the lackey. The GOP candidate continues to rake in unprecedented piles of cash from the Koch network of dark money donors in exchange for doing their dirty work and pushing their special interest agenda. Laxalt is bought and paid for by his out-of-state corporate donors because they know he’ll carry their water, instead of doing what’s best for the Nevada families he’s supposed to serve. Laxalt can’t be trusted to put everyday Nevadans first when his values are for sale to the highest bidders.”